“I want to thank Dustin for the incredible class. My head is still reeling with information overload but in a good way. I will definitely continue down my training path after taking your class and be back for more. The class was great. I strongly recommend if you’re interested in training to check out C.I.S.. Dustin is not armchair commandos and you won’t be a super secret spec op ninja when you leave, but you WILL have a much better handle on using a pistol for more than punching paper.” -Steven H.

“C.I.S. puts on a great class at an awesome price.” -Danny D.

“The class was well worth the time and expense. Anyone who carries a handgun for self defense needs to take a class like this. Yes, 1000 rounds of ammo is expensive but you really can’t and shouldn’t put a price tag on the sort of knowledge that you will take away from a good defensive skills class. The lecture and multimedia presentation was eye opening to say the least. It was designed to wake you up and make you see that there are people in this world who do really evil sh*t to people every day, randomly and with extreme prejudice. This is why we choose to go armed rather than fade quietly into the night. Not only are you learning things that will improve your ability to defend yourself and your loved ones, but you’re going to have fun doing things that you won’t get away with at most traditional shooting ranges. Dustin at C.I.S. knows his stuff. His teaching style fit me perfectly. He talks frankly and candidly but there isn’t a lot of trash talking like some instructors feel is necessary to make them more ‘tactical’ or battle hard. I’d let my wife, teenage daughter or mom take a class from this guy and not feel like they were going to be cussed into embarrassment. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and look forward to taking more training as I am able to invest into it. Both from C.I.S. and, as they recommend, from other quality, professional training organizations. You owe it to yourself and to anyone that you ever intend to protect should you be called upon to do so." -David Y.