Welcome to CIS

Critical Incident Strategies is a modern Full Spectrum Firearms Training company. Some of what we teach deviates from what other training companies offer. At Critical Incident Strategies, we have developed training programs based on logic and sound techniques. Always adhering to the “Simple is Good” theory, our curriculums will not only provide tactics that are effective, but user friendly as well. We will always strive to provide the highest quality training at reasonable prices. For a more effective training regiment consider the use of reactive AR500 steel targets like those available from shootingtargets7.com

The Broken Triangle

The Broken Triangle illustrates one’s process of transforming from victim to victor.  Each point of the Triangle represents an element needed for a violent crime...

Broken triangleVictim, Assailant, and Opportunity.

Remove or transform just one of those elements and you can avoid or dominate a violent encounter.