Defensive Pistol

This 2 day course starts with a lecture on firearm safety, legalities of deadly force, proper mindset, shooting fundamentals, loading / unloading / reloading, malfunction clearance, shooting while moving, shooting from unusual positions, use of cover, and dealing with multiple threats.

Defensive Pistol continues with live-fire range drills that reinforce the topics covered in the classroom.

Prerequisites (any of the following):  Handgun carry permit class, NRA "First Steps," police / military training, or equivalent.

For each paid tuition of this course, C.I.S. will pay 1/2 of an annual membership to the National Rifle Association.


Required Equipment List Also Recommended
· Reliable pistol (9mm or above) with at least 3 magazines
· Strong side belt or paddle holster
· Magazine pouches
· 1000 rounds of ammunition
· Eye and ear protection
· Comfortable clothing
· Drinking water
· Raingear (we’ll shoot rain or shine)
· Kneepads
· Sunscreen
· Baseball style hat


Date Time
October 27-28, 2012
7:30 am to 3:30 pm

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