About CIS

Dustin has been a police officer since 2000 and is currently a Detective and SWAT entry team member-medic (EMT-IV) for a Middle Tennessee police department in Rutherford County.

His past law enforcement experience also includes service as a Field Training Officer, Spanish Translator, Defensive Tactics Instructor, and Crime Scene Investigator. Dustin is also a State of Tennessee P.O.S.T certified Firearms Instructor.

Dustin has earned a B.S. degree from Middle Tennessee State University and is a graduate of numerous law enforcement and private sector firearm schools.


The Broken Triangle

The Broken Triangle illustrates one’s process of transforming from victim to victor.  Each point of the Triangle represents an element needed for a violent crime...

Broken triangleVictim, Assailant, and Opportunity.

Remove or transform just one of those elements and you can avoid or dominate a violent encounter.